Holy Order of the Velvet CloakEdit

Region – Midderus

Home City – King’s Reach, The Seat of Midderus

God - Hratli

People of Note

1.      Holy Lord-Commander = War’ir “Silent Shadow” Ontia

2.      Arch-Bishop = The Holy R’foko Ashvor

3.      Holy Paladin Lords =

·         Lord Kalargha Gokys

·         Lord Issque “The Black Guard” Asas

·         Lord Daror Hudra

4.      Bishops =

·         Bishop Rakt

·         Bishop Agetor

Crest – 2 cloaked men standing at either side of a man holding a sceptre and wearing a crown

Notes – The Holy Order of the Velvet Cloak is the oldest Paladin Order in existent in Elandaria. When the Kingdom of Midderus was formed, the first King of Midderus, King Beryl, formed an elite guard from his finest soldiers. These soldiers over time became known as one of the most elite forces within Elandaria.

Over time, a small force splintered from the Kings personal guard and formed a separate elite force that the King used as his “arm of the King”. These warriors acted secretively under the direct order of the King, taking part in missions and quests solely by the Kings demands. This force has been inherited by every King of Midderus since his reign.

Hratli took notice of this forces prowess and was pleased by their power, blessing them and granting the force with the power of the Paladin. Thus the Holy Order of the Velvet Cloak was created. This Paladin Order has very close ties to the King and always acts in the best interests of Midderus.

Leaders and veteran Paladins of the Order of the Velvet Cloak are known to be very secretive and suspicious of out siders.