Holy Order of the Steel BarkEdit

Region – Rassai

Home City – Middenoak, City of Trees

God – Hratli

People of Note

1.      Holy Lord-Commander = Eldardu “Barkskin” von Middenoak

2.      Arch-Bishop = The Holy Osram Rothbis

3.      Holy Paladin Lords =

·         Lady Sitia “Ironbark” Dyninn

·         Lady Lyeart Iar

·         Lady Emdyn Irlale

4.      Bishops =

·         Bishop Itzash

·         Bishop Turildo

Crest – A large tree with a man staring up at it

Notes – The Holy Order of the Steel Bark was formed during the times of the ancient Midderus kingdom.

Little is known about the formation of this Paladin Order due to the fact that it is made up of Elves and only a small amount of humans and that Midderus has little knowledge about the Elvan and Dwarven lands of Rassai.