Holy Order of the Crimson DragonEdit

Region - Esdeir

Home City – Linos, Holy City of the Dragonscrown

God – Hratli

People of Note:

1.      Holy Lord-Commander = Lord-Commander Jertyuli “The Red” von Linos

2.      Arch-Bishop = The Holy Lerenthran “Dragon Caller” Caenon  

3.      Holy Paladin Lords =

·         Lord Chashin Del’ci

·         Lady Saevela “One-eyed Dragon” Isula

·         Lord Moiv Ylyei

4.      Bishops =

·         Bishop Atana

·         Bishop Rayk

Crest – A crimson dragon soaring over a mountain range

Notes – The Holy Order of the Crimson Dragon was created by what was recorded as a great red dragon which could transform into a human. The Order was created during the Great War which was fought by the ancient Kingdom of Midderus and the untamed city states of Esdeir. The ancient Kingdom of Midderus attempted to conquer Esdeir. Legends says that the Great King’s Fleets awoke an ancient dragon from its slumber within the Dragonscrown and this dragon obliterated the King’s Fleet, completely turning the tide of the war and ultimately winning the war for Esdeir. Ever since, the Western Esdeir City States formed a Republic of Free cities under the name of “The Unbowed Cities”.

Survivors from the King’s Fleet washed up onto the dragon’s island and devoted themselves to the power of the great red dragon. These survivors eventually created the Holy City Linos and gained the attention of Hratli, resulting in the formation of a Paladin order.

Little is known about the dragon, other than that it is rumoured to be once again in deep slumber within the Dragonscrown. It is also rumoured that every leader and veteran Paladin of the Holy Order of the Crimson Dragon has the blood of a dragon coursing through their veins.